Help create a league table of hill-towns in Le Marche

With acknowledgements to The Sunday Times travel section 15.09.2013

The Sunday Times reports that the French have found their favourite village. What’s your favourite hill town in Le Marche? Here is a check-list freely adapted from The Sunday Times.

All photos by Edward Fennell except the one of the book, which is by me.

  1. Petrucci’s “Paolina”on display in Mondavio

  2. Historic archive

  3. Annual rievocazione – i.e pageant in mediaeval, Roman, C16 costume or what you will. Fireworks essential.

    Corinaldo‘s rievocazione – Pozzo della Polenta. Note the sbandieratore or flag-waver.

  4. Annual music festival (inc. jazz)
  5. Free entertainment most nights in August

    Summer Jamboree – the Hottest Rockin’ Holiday on Earth!

  6. A Rocca or fortress and/or ancient city walls

    Walls of Ostra Vetere

  7. Shops within the walls
  8. Lovely surroundings

    View of Corinaldo

  9. Famous person and/or saint born there
  10. Restaurant within the walls
  11. Caffè-bar within the walls
  12. Theatre

    Cagli Theatre

    Cagli Theatre

The Sunday Times checklist also included places that foreigners are not going to visit, and people whom foreigners are not going to talk to, but which make the village quaint and amusing. I thought it was a bit patronising, but I couldn’t resist a few items of my own:

  1. Bar Sport, where women don’t go, unless they work nearby, but foreign women will be treated politely by the attractive barmaid. A sideways look at Italian – or maybe Marchigiani – bars and caffes
  2. Bocciodromo , the equivalent of the Sunday Times pétanque pitch
  3. Annual briscola (card game) tournament
  4. Smartly dressed, small, very old ladies sitting on plastic chairs on the pavement
  5. Cats (of course you can talk to them)
  6. Annual church trip to Medjugorje/prize draw on saint’s day
Gallery containing works by local artist(s) (see 9 above)

And if you think I’ve skewed this so that Corinaldo will win, you are quite right!

Nominate your favourite hill-town by commenting below.

About An Englishwoman in Italy

I have a holiday home in Corinaldo in the province of Ancona in the Marche region of Italy. I have been going there since 1993 and would like to share my love and experience of the area. I speak Italian. Ho una casa di villeggiatura a Corinaldo nella provincia di Ancona, Regione Marche. Frequento Corinaldo da 1993 e desidero condividere i miei affetto e esperienza della zona con gli altri. Gli italiani sono sinceramente invitati a correggere gli sbagli.
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2 Responses to Help create a league table of hill-towns in Le Marche

  1. David Gerstel says:

    my favorite town is sarnano.


    wonderfully preserved centro active in and out, old and new parts of the town great street lighting, so it does not appear dead growing population and great services restos inside the walls not overrun with tourists….an active town with all services museums great activities…bike racing/car racing/festas

    Liked by 1 person

  2. alysb says:

    Sounds great, David, specially the active centro storico – this is the challenge for all hill-towns, to keep the centre alive.


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