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Surviving a parking fine in Italy

Last October we incurred a parking fine in Macerata, a dignified city and former regional capital. We left our car in a road just below the walls and bought a parking ticket from a machine. I’m afraid it’s a bit worn … Continue reading

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How to fill up with petrol/gasolene in Italy.

Do this on the autostrada whenever you can. It’s open 24/7 and attended. Failing that, try to fill up on the superstrada, i.e. a toll-free highway with two lanes in each direction. But be warned! It was in a superstrada filling station … Continue reading

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Driving In Le Marche

If you are holidaying in Le Marche, a car is a must to explore those out of the way hill-top towns and villages.  Given the geography of the region, roads in Le Marche can be a bit winding and bumpy, and driving through those beautiful hill-top towns and villages can really challenge your manoeuvring and navigational skills. While driving through the mountains is a great scenic experience, the roads can be a little harrowing, and coastal tracks really only have room for one way traffic.

So, in order to make sure you enjoy driving in Le Marche, here are a few things worth knowing: 

What You Will Need When Driving In Le Marche […]Italian Road Rules […]Italian Driving Etiquette […]


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