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Surviving a parking fine in Italy

Last October we incurred a parking fine in Macerata, a dignified city and former regional capital. We left our car in a road just below the walls and bought a parking ticket from a machine. I’m afraid it’s a bit worn … Continue reading

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Theft and absence: what you should know before you buy a second home.

This is a translation of my previous post, which I wrote in Italian, without too many mistakes, I hope, because I wanted to give Italians some idea of what it’s like to own a holiday home in the bel paese. I had … Continue reading

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Assenza e furto: i problemi della casa di vacanze

Ho avuto un po’ di difficoltà nello scrivere questo articolo. Con difficoltà si ammette che i proprietari di una seconda casa abbiano problemi. Soni i senzatetti che hanno problemi, non noi. Ciononostante, ho definito questo mi blog come “il punto di vista … Continue reading

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The Englishwoman survives rain in Italy (with a little help from Dante).

Rain I love the book “The Enchanted April” by Elizabeth von Arnim, but every time I read it a little voice says to me, “In real life it would have been raining!”. It rains a lot in Italy, and the … Continue reading

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How to fill up with petrol/gasolene in Italy.

Do this on the autostrada whenever you can. It’s open 24/7 and attended. Failing that, try to fill up on the superstrada, i.e. a toll-free highway with two lanes in each direction. But be warned! It was in a superstrada filling station … Continue reading

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Surviving mosquitoes in Italy.

Do you have a fantasy of drinking or dancing in a smart Italian venue on a warm evening, wearing a glamorous dress to show off your tan and a pair of high-heeled strappy sandals? Well, forget it, unless you want to … Continue reading

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Desperately seeking a nice cup of tea in Italy

Most Italians don’t understand the concept of a nice cup of tea, any more than most English people understand the concept of coffee. I was in the queue for the till at Imec (pronounced Eemech), the local electrical shop, with … Continue reading

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Hill Towns of Le Marche: survival guide for tourists

Hill towns of Le Marche The frank guide to towns, sights and where to eat, drink and shop, with advice on how not to end up disappointed, fed up and frustrated. Welcome to the Marche, between the Apennines and the Adriatic, … Continue reading

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Some hill towns; the Englishwoman survives in Cingoli, Gradara, Matelica, Mondavio, Urbania, Urbino.

Cingoli Small town known as the balcony of the Marches, for its spectacular views. Touristy, but consequently clean and beautifully kept. I visited it at lunchtime in October – it was deadly quiet and there were no restaurants open within … Continue reading

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Return to Corinaldo; the ups and downs of owning a second home

  Living in Italy is a switchback of emotions for foreigners, whether you are an expatriate or a second home owner. For us, second home owners, there is the anxiety of the return to our holiday home after the cold, … Continue reading

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