Cagli nestles below Monte Catria in the province of Pesaro-Urbino. It is quite far inland on the Pergolese road (strada statale).

We had a drink in one of two pleasant caffes in the main square. It was bustling and well set up, but I would be glad to know why the possibility of getting a spremuta (freshly squeezed fruit juice; very expensive) decreases the farther you go inland.

The Cagliesi are particularly proud of their Torrione, or big tower, all that remains of the town’s fortifications by Francesco di Giorgio Martini, one of Duke Federigo of Montefeltro’s architects. (The other is Lucio  Laurana.)

Cagli: Torrione

I particularly liked this church:

Cagli : San Francesco

Main portal of San Francesco

We were fortunate enough to arrive during an organothon. Using Firefox, if you click on the image below, it will enlarge and you can see what was being played.

Cagli organothon in San Francesco

There are some lovely frescoes in the church, which has recently been restored.

Fresco in San Francesco, Cagli

Pilaster of main portal, San Francesco

We also loved the primary school, which is in the cloisters of San Francesco. I have a feeling that this is not an untypical location for primary schools in Le Marche.

Cagli primary school

Wall plaque in Cagli primary school

Alimentare (yes, that’s its name) deli-cum-winebar-cum-eatery

Ristorante Alimentare
via Leopardi , 18 – 0721 781950

We got some delicious olive oil here, and had a welcome drink of chilled white wine. Alimentare is the middle of the three doorways; I have left them all in the photo because they look so charming.

About An Englishwoman in Italy

I have a holiday home in Corinaldo in the province of Ancona in the Marche region of Italy. I have been going there since 1993 and would like to share my love and experience of the area. I speak Italian. Ho una casa di villeggiatura a Corinaldo nella provincia di Ancona, Regione Marche. Frequento Corinaldo da 1993 e desidero condividere i miei affetto e esperienza della zona con gli altri. Gli italiani sono sinceramente invitati a correggere gli sbagli.
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  5. Ian Arnott says:

    I have just completed a book on The Hidden Theatres of the Marche which may be of interest to some of you.


    • alysb says:

      Thanks Ian, look forward to reading it. I’ll be back in Le Marche in a few days and will resume my blog – perhaps libraries this time.


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